Nov 232016

New conspiracy theory has surfaced on the Internet suggesting that Antarctica hides a mysterious pyramid and backs its claim with a Youtube video in which it’s said that US Secretary of State, John Kerry, traveled to the South Pole a week ago to see actually an “alien base” hidden inside the pyramid.

Alien Base Antarctica UFO

Antarctic Pyramid as seen by Google Earth

The photos shown in the video were apparently taken from Google Earth, but it is unknown whether they were subjected to a subsequent editing, writes the Daily Mail.

The video which was uploaded on conspiracy Youtube channel Third Phase of the Moon, presents a snow-covered pyramidal structure, bearing a label similar to those used by Google Earth to pin its objects.

The label reads: “Antartica Pyramid (sic)”. The fact that the Antarctica’s name was misspelled suggests that the picture was indeed edited.

Lots of people are now wondering what the structure might be, but it appears to resemble a nunatak – a natural mountain peak grown above the expanse of ice and snow.

A UFO expert believes “the images of the pyramid are either photoshopped, cropped photos to make the mountains look more like pyramids or simply pictures of natural formations called nunataks.” Alien base Antarctica has meanwhile become a trending key phrase that sparked interest among an increasing number of conspiracy theorists.

Video: US State Secretary visits UFO Alien Base hidden inside Antarctic Pyramid



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