Oct 222016

The operations of several famed Internet websites, including Twitter, Spotify, CNN and Reddit were disrupted in the United States on Friday following a cyber attack that targeted Dyn DNS, an Internet performance management company.

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DDoS attack on Dyn disrupted Internet services

The “Distributed Denial-of-Service” (DDoS) attack, which is usually used to flood the bandwidth/resources of Internet hosting servers, took place at around 11:10 GMT and affected mainly the eastern coast of the US, according to a statement made by Dyn.

Sites like Airbnb, Box, Boston Globe, New York Times, Github, Reddit, Heroku, FreshBooks, Netflix, Etsy, Time Warner Cable, AT & T, SoundCloud, Amazon, Verizon, Skype, Quora, ESPN, Walmart are just a few of those affected.

As of 13:10 GMT, all Dyn’s Internet services resumed their normal operation and became available to users. According to TechCrunch, the source of the hack attack was also pinpointed in eastern US.

Downdetector.com unveils real-time problems faced by websites subjected to cyber attacks.

Update: …there have been apparently three waves of attack so far. The first was around 9 am, then around noon, and the third wave started around 5 pm (EST). The West coast was also affected heavily.



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