Sep 032016
Never-Before Seen Photos of Jupiter's North Pole Taken by NASA's Juno Space Probe

Images that have never been seen before by humans were taken by Juno spacecraft and revealed by NASA! NASA’s spaceprobe continues to write history by snapping breathtaking images of Jupiter’s north pole and its southern lights. Juno successfully performed the first of its 36th flybys on August 27, when it passed at a distance of [Read more]

Aug 282016
Disabling Adsense Ads on 404 Error Pages in Wordpress!

How do I prevent Adsense ads from appearing on error 404 pages and stay compliant with Google policies? That’s the big question and this article will show you how to use a small piece of PHP code on your WordPress website in order to block/disable Adsense Ads on the undesired 404 pages! Google says firmly [Read more]

Aug 172016
Google unveils video application Duo, a new competitor to Skype, FaceTime and Facebook Messenger

Google writes on its blog that is ready to officially roll out its video chat app “Duo” that had been announced a few months ago, but the company has to face a strong competition in the same niche. Duo is set to be first launched on the US market while the rest of the world [Read more]

Aug 172016

The effects of microgravity on the human body: what would happen if you spend your whole life lying in bed? People spend about a quarter of their lives sleeping, which means they use at least as much time lying in bed, but what would happen to their bodies if they spend the entire life in [Read more]

Mar 252016
Mystery Near-Earth object 1991 VG to buzz planet in 2017

Mysterious space object dubbed 1991 VG was first observed on 6 November 1991 by James Scotti, an astronomer and research specialist at the Lunar and Planetary Lab of the University of Arizona. Scotti was at the lab’s Kitts Peak (Arizona) telescope and while tweaking various settings beyond the usual range, he spotted an odd thing [Read more]

Mar 152016
Sir Andrew Wiles claims Abel Prize, known as Nobel Prize in Mathematics, for proving Fermat's Last Theorem

British mathematician Sir Andrew J. Wiles, who solved the mystery of Fermat’s Last Theorem in 1994, thus cracking a dilemma that troubled specialists in the field for over 350 years, has been given the Abel Prize 2016. The decision to award 62-year-old Wiles the “Nobel Prize for mathematics“, was revealed on Tuesday by the Norwegian [Read more]

Oct 012015
First fully autonomous electric minibuses WEpods to hit Dutch roads in November 2015

Starting November 2015, two driverless electric vehicles will start travelling between Wageningen University and the city of Ede in the Netherlands, writes Foxcrawl. The fully autonomous minibuses, called WEpods, are programmed to travel a distance of 5-6 kilometers and passenger will be able to stop them via a smartphone mobile app. Wepods are designed serve [Read more]

Mar 272015
Energetic giant black hole in IRAS galaxy astonishes astronomers

In the center of our galaxy, Milky Way, there is a huge black hole with a mass estimated to be millions of times bigger than that of the Sun but according to NASA scientists who study the phenomenon, this hole is “relatively quiet “. However, not the same could be said about a black hole [Read more]

Mar 142015
Astronomers spotted fastest star US708 in Milky Way Galaxy

Astronomers at Queen’s University in Belfast have measured the speed of a wandering white dwarf star that travels though space at 1,200 kilometers per second, the highest speed ever recorded for such a celestial body in our galaxy. The hyper-velocity unbound star, named US 708, is free of gravity, which means that is gonna leave [Read more]

Mar 142015
NASA reportedly finds water on Jupiter satellite Ganymede

U.S. space agency NASA has confirmed the existence of a new source of water in our solar system. After analyzing scientific data collected by the Hubble Space Telescope, scientists confirmed on Thursday that under the frozen surface of Ganymede, one of Jupiter’s moons, there is an impressive salty ocean. The discovery solved thus the mystery [Read more]