Sep 252011

The out-of-control NASA’s UARS satellite fell to Earth. That was it! We escaped the danger (Most stunning/scarying videos show falling fragments from disintegrating UARS over Italy (scroll down)). Preliminary information revealed that no one was hurt, however, debris pieces could be seen above the US and Italy territory. NASA’s experts did not say where exactly [Read more]

Sep 232011

Updates on “when and where UARS will hit the Earth” (scroll down for videos). UARS satellite was expected to plummet down to Earth Friday afternoon but according to the latest updates, changes in bus-size satellite’s trajectory may delay its crash to early Saturday. “The motion geommetry of the tumbling satellite apparently changed and that makes [Read more]

Sep 232011
Shocking mc2 breakdown: Going faster than speed of light? CERN to overturn Einstein theory of relativity

Einstein’s theory of relativity -a benchmark theory of physics – that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light – was shaken for the first time on Thursday by a new discovery from CERN advanced laboratories. European scientists claim to have clocked neutrino – an peculiar type of subatomic particle – propagating faster than [Read more]

Sep 222011
Video: NASA UARS satellite to crash to Earth on 23 Sep. 2011

A NASA satellite as big as a 6-tone bus will fall from the sky on Friday, September 23, 2011. So far it is known that the Americans will “escape from the crash” (scroll down for UARS video and crash map). Video: latest update: Most spectacular real time images UARS disintegration over Italy. NASA announced that [Read more]

Sep 162011
Video: Planet with 2 suns discovered by NASA Kepler

Stunning discovery made by NASA’s Kepler mission: planet with two suns was spotted 200-light years from Earth!!! Astrophysicist Laurance Doyle (see video below) provided detailed information on the first time ever discovery of a planet that orbits two suns – what is called circumbinary planet. Therefore the answer to question “Can a planet have two [Read more]

Sep 152011
Video/Photo: Microsoft unveils features of Windows 8

Microsoft provided new details about Windows 8 Operating System at BUILD conference for developers in Anaheim, California on Tuesday evening. Windows 8 will be available for both PCs and tablets as of early next year (scroll down for video). “We re-imagined Windows. From the chipset to the user experience, Windows 8 brings up several new [Read more]

Sep 142011
Alien object found in ocean by Swedish researcher Peter Lindberg???

Peter Lindberg is a Swedish scientist keen on ocean exploration. Lindberg and his team suggested the discovery of a possible UFO lying on the ocean bed. During an underwater expedition they pictured something that resembled a crashed flying saucer (scroll down for UFO video). Swedish researchers, known for recovering various shipwrecks, were employing of a [Read more]

Sep 142011
Photo-video: Star batters its own planet with explosive X-rays

Corot-2 is a star-planet tandem located 880 light-years from us, therefore it can be said they are in the “nearby vecinity” (scroll down for video). However it looks like the star does not really like its own orbiting planet. Matter is blasted off from the planet at a ratio of 5 million tons/second as the [Read more]

Sep 132011
Picture: GRAIL lift-off for Moon mission

NASA abandoned the Space Shuttle program but not the Space Exploration!!! (see photo below) National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) agency seems to focus on the exploration of Earth’s natural satellite. A Delta 2 Heavy rocket loaded with Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) lifted-off from Cape Canaveral Space Station in Florida on 10 September [Read more]

Sep 132011
Video: HD 85512 b Super-Earth among 50 newly discovered exoplanets

Astronomers employing HARPS instruments have found 50 new alien planets. High Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Searcher instrument (HARPS) is part of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) 3.6-meter telescope located in La Silla, Chile (scroll down for video). The bunch of alien planets comprises 16 “super-Earths” – planets featuring a larger mass than Earth but smaller [Read more]