Dec 202012

Apocalypse revelations always heated up people’s minds, especially of film directors.

A Youtube user has created a 3-minute montage of the most spectacular End of the World movies: zombies, meteors, viruses, robots, etc.

The footage is especially appropriate since many people believe that the end time comes on December 21, 2012 which is…tomorrow.

Video: 38 End of the World movies in 3-minute-sequence

End Time scenario was most frequent predicted in...movies

Nov 142012

Romanian cook Adrian Musat claims to have filmed UFO in Pitlochry, Scotland.

Adrian Musat, a 40-year-old Romanian working in Scotland as a cook at Victoria’s restaurant, looked on the window and saw an Unidentified Flying Object. The man picked his camera and managed to capture a few images of the weird object before it disappeared (scroll down for video and photo).

Adrian lives with his wife and 2-year-old son in Pitlochry, a town in Perthshire, Scotland. He spotted the UFO for the first time on November 5, around 7:30 a.m.
“I was watching out the window when I saw a flashing light at a distance of about 1.6 km. It wasn not on the ground but hovering above the trees and moving from left to right. I expected the object to fly away, but just suddenly disappeared,” recalls Musat.

The Romanian cook claims that the UFO reappeared on the same day at about 5 p.m., so that he could capture multiple images with his cell phone. “For about 25 minutes I saw a small red cloud over the object. All other clouds in the sky were moving but not this one. The UFO maintained its position until 6 p.m. and did not make any sound,” said Musat.

The footage as well as various photos were sent to the British Association for UFO Research (BUFORA) in order to get confirmation. Experts had hoped that this evidence will help them in their research on extraterrestrial life.

Nick Pope, who led the government UFO project from 1991 to 1994, said he is not convinced by this evidence. “I’m a little skeptical. Many video footage showing diamond-shaped UFO proved to be just artefacts produces by the camera. When people “zoom” a bright light, the iris opening creates an diamond-like image that overlaps the light,” said Pope.

Investigators analyzing Musat’s video reported that the UFO seen above the Perthshire forest apparently has more terrestrial origins.

The weird pulsing light floating above Clunie Forest was nothing else than a spotlight on a forestry vehicle. Experts from BUFORA are now quite sure the light was in fact within the trees and not above them.

Pitlochry became a very famous area because of the multiple UFO sightings. Images taken over a village near Calvine in 1990, have been described by scientists as the most convincing evidence of the existence of aliens.

Video: Pitlochry UFO sighting reported by Romanian chef Adrian Musat

Pitlochry UFO sighting caught on video. Capture: Youtube

Sep 192012

According to Fox 5 News NY affiliate, iPhone 5 has stunning features like Laser Keyboard and Holographic Images

Employees of the TV station Fox 5 News in New York ended up in embarrassment during a report about iPhone 5 (scroll down for video).

In a developing story about Apple and its last smartphone’s success in the U.S., the television channel Fox 5 News -the local affiliate for the New York City metropolitan area-, made​a huge mistake telling viewers that the new iPhone has kind of new features seen only in SF movies, but in fact the revelation has nothing to do with the reality.

iPhone 5 SF features!!!
The gadget was described as having amazing new updates such as a laser keyboard and an integrated projector for holographic images, but these specifications have been actually taken from a 2011 concept video created by people from Aatma Design Studios who IMAGINED what iPhone 5 might look like.

However, Fox News staff bit the bait and believed everything said in that clip, so their embarrassing blunder went quickly around the world.

Fox 5 News NY affiliate mistakes iPhone 5 features, confuses them with concept video

Video: iPhone 5 concept – futuristic features by Aatma Studio

May 122012

Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara surfed world's largest wave off coast of Nazare, Portugal, in 2011

23.77 meters or 78 feet: that was the height of the huge wave climbed by a surfer originating from Hawaii. With this performance, the man broke all records ever set for riding the biggest wave and went straight into the Guinness Book of World Records.

44-year-old Garrett McNamara, from Haleiwa, Hawaii, managed to surf on the giant 24-meter-high wave in November 2011, off the coast Nazare, Portugal. His performance was confirmed just now (in May 2012) by representatives of the Guinness World Records who studied the images.

At the same time, an independent group of experts analyzed photos and video footages of the Nazare wave to verify the record.

McNamara has practiced surfing since aged 11 and when turned 17 he became a professional.

Video: Hawaii surfer rides world’s largest wave off coast of Portugal

May 122012

Mystery object of Jupiter's size was noticed several times in videos streamed by SOHO spacecraft

A YouTube user claims to have evidence that NASA hide information related to an alien civilization allegedly located in the close proximity of the Earth.

On May 5, YouTube user “rob19791” uploaded a clip (scroll down), featuring a mysterious Jupiter-sized object near the Sun. The images were taken from the live stream delivered by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory SOHO to Earth.
(Note: A similar alien object was spotted also a couple of days earlier (April 26, 2012) in another video provided by SOHO’s LASCO C2 instrument, read article here)

Initially, the public had access to that stream but just a day later, NASA stopped Internet users’ access to the images transmitted by the SOHO spacecraft. This decision of the U.S. space agency created a new conspiracy theory.

The author of the initially filmed video and many of his supporters believe that NASA is trying to hide information related to an alien civilization near the Earth.

Video: Jupiter-sized UFO spotted near Sun in SOHO stream on May 3, 2012

May 052012

Wrecked: Robert Herjavec's Ferrari was badly hurt during the violent collision at Infineon Raceway

Robert Herjavec, the star of the American reality TV series “Shark Tank”, destroyed his Ferrari worth $350,000 following a spectacular accident – he lost control of vehicle at 200km/h (130 mph) and smashed it into a wall! (scroll down for video)

It happened during Ferrari Challenge at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, California where Herjavec veered off track while driving his (2011) Ferrari 458 and experienced a head-on wall collision. But he got off unhurt and his miraculous escape was caught on tape by a camera inside the car!

The stunning decision taken after his terrible crash and miraculous survival!:
Although anyone else would normally need a long period of time to recover from such trauma and grieve the expensive loss, Herjavec -who has a fortune estimated at over 100 million dollars-, quickly borrowed another Ferrari from a friend in order to continue the race! “Two hours into the competition I was 29th but at the end I came out 5th. The next day, using the loan sports car, I managed to finish on the podium (3rd place). However I am leading in the point rankings,” said Herjavec.

Video: Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec wrecks Ferrari 458 at Infineon Raceway, Sonoma, California. Accident filmed from inside the cockpit

Apr 162012

Lamborghini Aventador in blaze during test drive on CA73S. Capture: Youtube

A Lamborghini Aventador, worth over 370,000 dollars, entirely burned totally to ashes during a test drive on California’s CA 73 S freeway (scroll down for video).

The bolide was driven by an anonymous “internet millionaire”, who fortunately managed to escape the inferno before the flames overwhelmed the sports car. Apparently he wanted to buy the Lamborghini, but the vehicle had burst into flames before the transaction was made (luckily it did not happen afterwards).

Firefighters arrived at the scene to put down the blaze, but could not figure out what caused the Aventador’s burning.

The company is investigating the case and according to preliminary information there was an issue with the left rear wheel.

Video: Lamborghini Aventador, fire incident CA 73S California