Dec 302013

A series of photos taken ​​by the Finnish photographer Thomas Kast and featuring street light pillars apparently descending from the sky, reached the website of the American Space Agency NASA.

Light pillars over finland

Light pillars over Finland was chosen “astronomy picture of the day” by NASA (Credit: Thomas Kast blog)

Thomas Kast managed to capture on tape the light beams apparently coming down from the sky of Oulu, Finland, and one of the snaps was chosen as NASA’s astronomy picture of the day on December 18, 2013.

The webpage run by NASA and Michigan University of Technology, publishes on a daily basis the best photo that represents the universe. The competition is fierce, and Kast reportedly tried on several occasions to win the contest. However, this is the first time when the German-born Finn meets favorable atmospheric conditions for optimal shooting of light pillars. “I’ve dreamed at this success for a long time. It is a great achievement for me and I was congratulated by many people,” said Kast who has been living for 15 years in Oulu.

Kast observed the “magnificent light beams” while heading to the grocery store to buy food for cats. He prepared his camera to capture the amazing phenomenon and kept taking photos for 10 minutes, during which he tried to get the perfect angle and composition.

Light poles images generally appear above or below the Sun, but the effect can be generated also by artificial light when perfect weather conditions are met. In this case, the phenomenon was caused by street lights and a nearby parking.

Kast spotted solar light pillars four times in the last three years and says they are easier to photograph than the Aurora Borealis because they emit more light. “The effect occurs when cold moisture rises over the sea,” he said. “The lights go away pretty fast, but if you’re lucky, you can observe and even photograph them. Sometimes the phenomenon takes place in certain locations,” added Kast.

You can see more astonishing images of light pillars phenomenon on Thomas Kast’s original blog entry.

Dec 202012

The ultimate apocalypse mega party is held at bunker 42 in Moscow, Russia for 1000 bucks

Moscow’s cold war bunker 42 that, has been transformed in order to host a doomsday super party starting on the eve of December 21, 2012 (scroll down for video and photos).

The bunker was built to protect Soviet Union’s top leaders in case of nuclear attacks.

Russian revelers need to pay $1,000 to celebrate the imminent Apocalypse in a highly secured environment which was designed to withstand nuclear disasters as well as quakes.

Those willing to join the party will be accommodated inside for a 24 hour period, starting tonight.
The bunker is located at a depth of 56 meters, in the center of Moscow, near the Kremlin, and has a capacity of 300 people.

To reach the bunker whose construction was completed in 1956, visitors have to descend 18 levels.

“Many people would be much calmer if they spend this critical day in “full” safety and comfort,” said guide Alexei Pavlovsky.

Video: Soviet cold war bunker organizes “End Time” party in Moscow

The Soviet bunker was built in 1956 and is designed to survive nuclear wars

Doomsday entertainment, safety and comfort only inside bunker 42 in Moscow's underground

Dec 202012

Brocken spectre or mountain spectre is the magnified shadow of an photographer, observer

Several hikers climbing a mountain, apparently had the shock of their lives when they saw a strange figure hovering in the air in front of them (scroll down for photos).

One of them had a camera handy and captured the amazing image. However further investigation revealed that the whole “show” was not what seemed to be.

The photographer managed to immortalize a rare phenomenon called Brocken spectre. This occurs when the shadow of an object or a person is projected on a cloud opposite to the sun. The phenomenon makes the shadow of the observer be magnified hundred times, being surrounded by a rainbow.

And to make everything even more scary, the ghost-like shadow can quickly change its position which depends on the speed of the moving clouds.

“I like to take pictures and if out there are deep freezing temperature e.g. -15 degrees, I still climb the mountain to take the most beautiful shots. Generally I can easily realize when certain effects are produced, but this time it was different, I felt chased by a ghost. I was shocked when I saw the appearance,” said the photographer.

Scary: Magnified shadow of Brocken phenomenon is usually seen on any misty mountainside or cloud bank, or even from an plane,

The Brocken ghost sometimes appear to move suddenly due to movement of the cloud layer and changes in cloud density

Dec 202012

Mount Everest can be analyzed in very detail in 2 billion (giga) pixel snapshot

Filmmaker David Breashears made ​​an amazing two billion pixel photograph, which allows you to “climb” safely to the top of Everest Mount while sitting comfortable in front of you computer.

According to, Breashears apparently climbed Mount Everest five times so far, and has also visited the world’s tallest peak 15 times during his career as he focuses his studies on the effects of climate change on the mountain.

The filmmaker created the amazing gigapixel picture of the mountain and the Khumbu glacier in early 2012 and the shot was snapped from Pumori viewpoint near the Mount.

The magnificent Everest picture, which can be panned, zoomed, and viewed on the GlacierWorks site, merged nearly 400 separate photos taken with a 300 millimeter zoom lens camera. The image is very detailed such that the user can even spot climbers going up the slope, or a base camp (a village of tents). Some other sources claim the stunning photo contains in fact 3.8-billion pixels.

Dec 192012

Still image captured from Octavio Aburto' footage featuring a tornado of fish in Cabo Pulmo National Park in the Sea of Cortez

In the amazing footage below you can see a phenomenon rarely seen by humans: a “tornado” of fish.

Thousands of fish running in circles were captured on camera at the Mexican National Park Cabo Pulmo in the Sea of ​​Cortez. The underwater cyclone formed of fish species Bigeye trevallies (Caranx sexfasciatus) is in fact a mating ritual which can be seen very rarely.

The video was shot by researcher Octavio Aburto who was accompanied by his friend David Castro. The filming shows how the image submitted by the two experts at the National Geographic competition 2012 was snapped.

The stunning photo is so spectacular that some people have already argued that it can only be a fake. The two researchers have published this video to eliminate speculation and to show how this rare phenomenon was photographed.

Video: Making David and Goliath by Octavio Aburto: Fish Cyclone: Thousands swirling Bigeye trevallies filmed in the Sea of Cortez

Making David and Goliath from Octavio Aburto on Vimeo.

Dec 162012

Amazing: Switzerland city of Geneva appears to be threatened by huge crashing cloudy wave

Special moment for the world of artists. A “tsunami” of clouds invaded the Swiss city of Geneva, where huge waves gave the impression that could destroy the peaceful community.

Townspeople were left in shock when saw the apocalyptic image that leaves the sensation that a tsunami coming from nowhere could swallow their homes, writes Daily Mail.

However, the view is just an optical illusion captured by a professional photographers on 5 December this year. The waves are instead mountains and the sea foam is represented by a cloud with a peculiar structure.

The surreal picture was taken by photographer Alex Teuscher, from New York, USA, as part of his project ‘365’, where he will snap a new image every day for a year.

30-year-old Teuscher, 30: “I had been on a walk to take my picture for the day when I noticed the clouds sweeping over the mountains – it was an interesting effect to say the least.

“In a word it was epic. I felt extremely lucky to be at the right place at exactly the right time to catch this stunning moment.”

The ‘tsunami cloud’ effect is thought to be formed when a fast-moving layer of fluid or air sweeps over a slower, thicker layer – creating a wispy wave effect.

Magnificent effect: "Tsunami" of clouds roll over mountain peak to engulf city of Geneva

Dec 032012

Awesome: Anonymous cat features shocking resemblance to Batman

A new superhero watches over the peace of citizens of Gotham City: Catman! User Hamsternose posted on Reddit the photo of a hilarious cat that strikingly looks like Batman, the famous hero of movies, video games, animation and comics.

Image of the funny, slightly intimidating cat, stormed the Internet and at a certain moment became a
trendy conversation topic on Twitter.

Obviously, Bruce Wayne’s feline alter ego has impressed almost everybody who has seen it.

Batman was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger and debuted in cartoons in 1940.

Since then it has become one of the most beloved superheroes of all time and has inspired a very profitable franchise: The Dark Knight.

The Dark Knight, the movie that featured Christian Bale in the role of Batman and Heath Ledger as the Joker, generated revenue of over one billion dollars.

Cute: This is the newest dark knight detective surveilling the rooftops and alleyways of Gotham City: Cat-man!

May 152012

When this picture gets on Facebook, Lamborghini will certainly block its sales to Romania! Why? Well, just because a freak had a “genial” idea of converting his 200,000 Euro Lamborghini sports vehicle into a…funeral carriage (scroll down for photo).

If you do not have money for advertising on a billboard in the middle of the town, there is an alternative: you can use your supersports bolide to promote your business with funeral services.

Romanians are inventive when it comes to promoting their business which sticks money in their pocket. The owner of a funeral firm (apparently from Bucharest), has found a cheap way to advertise his commercial enterprise: he stuffed the car with his company name – “2 Fast, 2 funerals”, alluding to the movie “2 Fast, 2 Furious”, perhaps he moves quickly and can honor more than one order. So if you did not have the occassion of riding one of world’s fastest cars during your lifetime, no problem, the last trip will give you that chance:)

The metaphor of a black bolide featuring church signs can be interpreted as a hearse which does its job quickly and promptly, the same as the serious company that came up with this “clever” idea.

There is just one question remaining: is the dead gonna be right-seated? Because the car most likely lacks the room for a coffin.

Romania's perfect hearse: black, expensive, fast: Lamborghini to please your last trip

May 142012

A follow-up on a Swedish highway ended very badly for a driver who was trying to flee. One of the policemen was not only content to stop the troubling driver, but he made amazing skilled efforts to overthrow and to “immobilize” his vehicle, according to a series of photographs published by (scroll down for…shocking photos).

The story: Two police cars are engaged in pursuing an Audi on a motorway in Sweden. Usually in the Scandinavian country you do not see something like that every day, but this noisy spectacle seemed to be really worth for any witness. Joe Earl, the man who captured the pictures, could not believe what he saw just a few miles after being overtaken by the three cars.

Swedish police vehicles pursue an Audi (not the A6 in view)

The runaway Audi is pushed off road

Police Volvo car almost blocked the troubling vehicle

HERE THE SHOW STARTS: Volvo knocking over Audi

The circus continues...with police car climbing the runaway Audi

Merciless: The policeman seems to like the action

Mission almost accomplished!

Finally the Swedish officer feels safe to leave his car, but he needs to make efforts to get out

May 042012

Harvest time? Not yet because an alleged extraterrestrial civilization left a message for music lovers through a crop circle which popped up overnight on a field in Wiltshire (Stonehenge), U.K. (see large photo below)

It was concluded that the aliens wanted to tell us about their favorite music streaming website: the chosen one is….Sweden’s Spotify.

Aerial images show a stunning similarity between the Stonehenge crop circle and the music streamer’s logo. Spotify rejected any link to the strange figure shaped in a canola seed field but dozens speculations already broke out with many believing that the Swedish brand is behind a tricky advert. Either if true or not, clearly their popularity boosted at this moment.

Local newspaper Wiltshire Times claims that the crop circle emerged on 28 April 2012, however at first none figured out the connection with Spotify.

Farmer Ted Presley, who discovered the crop markings, said.
“It is obvious that clever minds have been at work in this area for some time. A few years ago one of my harvesters was discovered in the middle of the North field, with the radio left on, tuned to Kiss FM. Highly irregular.”

Now dozens pros and cons flooded the blogosphere. A few of them posted here: “That is no Aliens, that’s a crazy farmer trying to grab attention by ruining his crop”,,, “Nice you reminded me – are we still on our straight way to the end of world on 12.12.2012? I think I might take a well deserved vacation.”

Weird crop circle resembling Spotify logo showed up in Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England. Credit:

Wiltshire Times reports on its front page the appearance of the Spotify-related crop circle