Oct 112016

Samsung Electronics has permanently suspended production and sales of its flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 7.

galaxy note 7 fire burning

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 burned due to faulty battery (pic: CNN.com)

The South Korean giant seems to face serious management troubles after its decision to recall 2.5 million devices sold worldwide, while increasingly more reports of smartphones catching fire or exploding are coming in.

The move comes after the new Note 7s offered to customers as replacement for the problematic first model, also caught fire.

The halt in production shows how serious the situation is for Samsung, after the largest product recall in company’s history.

Samsung officials began to receive reports of phones catching fire in September just a month after Note 7 went on sale, and the incidents were called “isolated”.

The firm tried to fix the problem by switching battery suppliers and updating the smartphone’s software, according to CNN.

But when replacement smartphones were issued, a number of customers claimed that those devices also caught fire, including one aboard a Southwest Airlines flight from Louisville to Baltimore.

And that happened after Samsung answered reports of replacement phones having faulty batteries, saying it does not represent a health risk to users.

“If we determine that there are problems with the products, we will seek to resolve the situation,” said the electronics giant before failing to solve the problem.

Furthermore, mobile operators AT&T and T-Mobile have announced that they will no longer replace Note 7 after new reports of phone bursting into flames.

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