Oct 102016

One of the most commonly asked questions is probably: why don’t birds experience mid-air collisions? The answer is: they always veer right.


Budgies successfully passed collision tests (public domain)

A research study tried to find out why birds do not crash into each other when flying and the main hypothesis was that they acquired these skills after evolution of millions of years.

Researchers at University of Queensland analyzed 10 birds, especially budgerigars. The pairs of budgies were released from the opposite ends of a tunnel and flying towards one another. After 102 flights, it was discovered that there was no collision during the tests.

But the main observations were that the birds tried to avoid collisions head-on, always veering to the right or in other cases changing altitude.

“As air traffic becomes increasing busy, there is a pressing need for robust automatic systems for manned and unmanned aircraft, so there are real lessons to be learned from nature.” said study’s author, Mandyam Srinivasan.

You can have a glimpse at the experiment in the quick video below.



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