Jun 062013

Japan has recently tested a new version of the “floating” train dubbed L0 Series, which can reach speeds up to 500 kilometers per hour. Japan’s Railway operator JR Tokai develops the novel train that is expected to enter into service in 2027. Trains L0 Series make use of the most advanced technology of magnetic levitation (MagLev), therefore the conventional wheels are replaced.

L0 Series Train Japan

Japan’s L0 Series bullet train run using magnetic levitation technology (Capture: YOUTUBE)

The first five cars of the Maglev L0 train which has an aerodynamics “nose”, were presented on a test railway in Yamanashi. The cars were pulled by a special maintenance vehicle and official tests will begin in September this year.

The new train will shorten the journey between Tokyo and Nagoya, from 90 to 40 minutes. Such a train can carry over a thousand passengers and will link Osaka to the capital city of Tokyo in 2045.

The current Japanese trains are among the fastest in the world, being able to speed up to 330 km per hour. More that 2,000 km of modern railway has already been built.



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