Feb 212017

Spanish scientists have developed a 3D bioprinter capable of creating functional human skin. The invention, which is the outcome of three years of intensive research, opens a new way to producing skin for both therapeutic and industrial applications.

3d bioprinter

3D Bioprinter (public domain)

Juan Francisco del Cañizo, the director of the Experimental Surgery Division at Gregorio Maranon Hospital of Universidad Complutense de Madrid, claims “this is the first method proving that entirelly functional skin can be manufactuered via a 3-D printing technology”.

The method has its advantages, he said, because “it shortens the skin manufacturing process and makes the product cost-effective and more affordable.”

The prototype can print both allogeneic and autologous skin. “The autologous skin is made of patient’s cells for therapeutic purposes, such as treating severe burns”, said del Canizo.

“The allogeneic skin is obtained from a stock of cells and eventually scaled out for industrial processes such as testing of pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic products”.

The project has been developed as a joined research involving Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón, University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M), the Research Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology (CIEMAT) and bio-engineering company BioDan Group.

Source: ScienceDaily.

Nov 232016

NASA received a video that shows a hypersonic speeding UFO and now the space agency experts have to investigate what’s on the footage.

UFO Ayden North Carolina

Speeding UFO in Ayden, NC (pic: Youtube)

A US Air Force veteran from Ayden, North Carolina, captured the fast-moving object on a camera attached to a DJI Phantom 3 drone.

The 59-year-old passed the images on to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) for analysis, writes Express.co.uk.

MUFON, the world’s largest organisation dedicated to UFO and alien research, said the object moved about 2 kilometers just in 1/3 second, which means it flew at a speed of around 13,000 mph per hour, that’s 17 times faster than the speed of sound.

The bizzare object was apparently flying at about 15 meters above the ground at an estimated speed of 16,000-21,000 kilometers per hour.

The witness said that the “UFO video was captured with my DJI Phantom 3 Professional 4K aerial camera.”

“I filed a UFO report with MUFON and they notified NASA and sent them a copy of the video. This footage took me back. I was flying my aerial camera from Ayden District Park. The skies were clear with unlimited visibility.”

The USAF vet spotted the mysteriosu object while watching back his camera recording. “I did not witness this object initially; it wasn’t until I reviewed the 4K footage on my 4K TV that I first noticed the object on video.”

In the video, the UFO appears like a tiny white spot moving quickly somewhere under the witness’ drone.

MUFON’s North Carolina investigator Sanford Davis wrote in a report: “It was observed as the witness was reviewing aerial drone footage.

“The whole UFO sighting takes place within a third of a second – a streak arising in the background, streaking across the screen before disappearing in the foreground. It appears as a white dot, flattening out somewhat into a ‘light disk’ right before it disappears off screen.”

Video: UFO Sighting in Ayden (District Park), North Carolina

Nov 232016

New conspiracy theory has surfaced on the Internet suggesting that Antarctica hides a mysterious pyramid and backs its claim with a Youtube video in which it’s said that US Secretary of State, John Kerry, traveled to the South Pole a week ago to see actually an “alien base” hidden inside the pyramid.

Alien Base Antarctica UFO

Antarctic Pyramid as seen by Google Earth

The photos shown in the video were apparently taken from Google Earth, but it is unknown whether they were subjected to a subsequent editing, writes the Daily Mail.

The video which was uploaded on conspiracy Youtube channel Third Phase of the Moon, presents a snow-covered pyramidal structure, bearing a label similar to those used by Google Earth to pin its objects.

The label reads: “Antartica Pyramid (sic)”. The fact that the Antarctica’s name was misspelled suggests that the picture was indeed edited.

Lots of people are now wondering what the structure might be, but it appears to resemble a nunatak – a natural mountain peak grown above the expanse of ice and snow.

A UFO expert believes “the images of the pyramid are either photoshopped, cropped photos to make the mountains look more like pyramids or simply pictures of natural formations called nunataks.” Alien base Antarctica has meanwhile become a trending key phrase that sparked interest among an increasing number of conspiracy theorists.

Video: US State Secretary visits UFO Alien Base hidden inside Antarctic Pyramid

Nov 192016

Baby Boom aka XB-1 Supersonic Demonstrator is the prototype for the upcoming supersonic passenger plane to be developped by Boom Technology and Virgin Galactic.

Baby Boom Supersonic Plane

Baby Boom supersonic passenger aircraft (photo credit: http://boomsupersonic.com)

The big promise is that we could go from London to New York in just a little over 3 hours.

“Baby Boom” aims at becoming the fastest airplane designed for carrying passengers, thus defeating the fierce competition from other aerospace giants such as Boeing and Lockheed Martin known to develop their own supersonic spacecraft.

The XB-1 aircraft will reach a speed of Mach 2.2 ( 2,335 km/h), that’s 2.5 times faster than any current airliner and 10% faster than Concorde’s 2 Mach performance.

The Boom’s founder and CEO, Blake Scholl, a former pilot and Amazon manager, says that a flight from London to New York will take only 3 hours and 15 minutes, while nowadays an air travel time over same distance lasts twice as long.

Baby Boom Passenger Supersonic Jet Aircraft

Baby Boom Supersonic Jet (pic: Boom)

As for the pricing, a round trip would cost about 6,000 dollars, an amount considered quite decent for those who usually fly on business class, in conditions that a flight on the famous Concorde, was once $20,000.

The plane will have a special design that supports incredible speeds and will be made of carbon fiber. The project will be developed by the Denver-based Boom Technology in collaboration with engineers at The Spaceship Company, a division of Virgin Galactic, the company owned by British billionaire Richard Branson, who has already ordered 10 such aircraft, worth $2 billion.

But Branson is not the only customer. A European carrier has ordered 15 aircraft, but the company’s name was not made public.

Supersonic aircraft “Baby Boom” will carry only 45 passengers, significantly lesser than the 100 seats found on Concorde, which was withdrawn from the market several years ago.

The XB-1 Supersonic Demonstrator’s tests will begin next year with the first commercial flight expected in 2023.

Video: Baby Boom Supersonic – Description, Specifications, Performances

Nov 062016
ESA reveals first color photo of Schiaparelli crash site on Mars

European Space Agency (ESA) has revealed the first color image of the spot where its Schiaparelli EDM lander impacted Mars on 19 October during a landing attempt at an estimated speed of over 300 km per hour. Telemetry signals from Schiaparelli, monitored in real time by the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope in India, were lost [Read more]

Oct 282016
Qualcomm pays record $47 billion to acquire Dutch chip maker NXP Semiconductors

Qualcomm Inc. has revealed its intention to complete the largest transaction in company’s history. The American multinational semiconductor and telecommunications equipment company is ready to pay $47 billion (43 billion euro) to take over the Dutch rival NXP Semiconductors, which, until 2006, was known as Philips Semiconductors. NXP was part of the Philips Group until [Read more]

Oct 222016
DDoS Cyber Attack on Dyn DNS Disrupts Websites in Eastern US

The operations of several famed Internet websites, including Twitter, Spotify, CNN and Reddit were disrupted in the United States on Friday following a cyber attack that targeted Dyn DNS, an Internet performance management company. The “Distributed Denial-of-Service” (DDoS) attack, which is usually used to flood the bandwidth/resources of Internet hosting servers, took place at around [Read more]

Oct 192016
ExoMars Mission: ESA's Spacecraft Schiaparelli Expected to Land on Mars on October 19, 2016 (VIDEO)

Wednesday was supposed to be a historic day for the European Space Agency (ESA) whose Schiaparelli EDM lander was set to make an astounding Mars landing. Despite having the ExoMars Trace Gas orbiter correctly positioned, the mission has been a partial success so far as signal from Schiaparelli yet remains silent. The engineers will work [Read more]

Oct 112016
Samsung suspends production of Galaxy Note 7, tells customers to stop using its flagship smartphone

Samsung Electronics has permanently suspended production and sales of its flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 7. The South Korean giant seems to face serious management troubles after its decision to recall 2.5 million devices sold worldwide, while increasingly more reports of smartphones catching fire or exploding are coming in. The move comes after the new Note [Read more]

Oct 102016
(VIDEO) Q: Why don't birds collide in mid-air? A: They swerve right!

One of the most commonly asked questions is probably: why don’t birds experience mid-air collisions? The answer is: they always veer right. A research study tried to find out why birds do not crash into each other when flying and the main hypothesis was that they acquired these skills after evolution of millions of years. [Read more]